Remote Access Policy 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to 's network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to from damages which may result from unauthorized use of resources.

In the Configure Remote Access wizard, continue until you can select Custom Configuration. Once on the Custom Configuration window, select VPN Access. Finish the wizard and start the Remote Access service. The Routing and Remote Access console should open. If not, launch it now. Expand down to IPv4\General to list your interfaces. Make a note Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote Access Procedure VPN Remote Access Service is authorized only after the IT Liaison or designated system administrator has confirmed that the user has reviewed the University’s VPN Service Policy, especially the requirements outlined in the Responsibility of Users section of the policy. Remote Access Policy - Computer emergency response team

Mar 08, 2018

Remote Access Status Help links for: Pulse Secure, VPN Connectivity, Symantec VIP Setup, VM/VDI and more To speak with the North America Service Desk call Step 2 Configure the Remote Access Server | Microsoft Docs

Apr 30, 2020

Remote Access | Wellesley College The Remote Access Policy defines standards for connecting to the Wellesley College network from any host. 2.0 Overview & Purpose The College provides VPN (a Virtual Private Network) to connect to campus resources (keyed software, file storage, online apps, etc.) using College or personal devices from off-campus locations. Why a VPN Is Not Enough for Secure Remote Access - Blue Mar 08, 2018 SANS Institute: Reading Room - Encryption & VPNs