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Elastic Load Balancing offers ability to load balance across AWS and on-premises resources using the same load balancer. For example, if you need to distribute application traffic across both AWS and on-premises resources, you can achieve this by registering all the resources to the same target group and associating the target group with a load Load balancers - Rackspace Developer Portal Load balancers - Rackspace Developer Portal LoadBalancing - OpenStack The Atlas Load Balancing project provides a pluggable load balancing control system. Currently, the codebase supports the Zeus traffic manager, but we have plans to extend it to support other load balancing implementations in the near future. Project Technical Lead. Uma Goring - uma.goring@rackspace.com Current State Client IP issue address over https with Rackspace Cloud We recently added load balancing through RackSpace Cloud to help us handle our traffic however, the client's IP is now the load balancer IP. All traffic is through HTTPS. We've enabled mod_extforward and have tried all different configuration for with using our LB IP and the different headers ("X-Forwarded-For","Forwarded-For","X-Cluster-Client

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Nov 15, 2013 · In general yes, but it depends on the specific type of load balancer and how its configured. In general, load balancers will have multiple IP addresses in order to get in between the incoming client (often HTTP, but others as well) requests and t Compare Rackspace Managed Hosting vs SAP on IBM Cloud. 64 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more.

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Rackspace Load Balancers beta - InfoQ Feb 25, 2011 OpenStack Networking - training.rackspace.com This new service provides a virtual “Networking as a Service” between interface devices and allows users to use CLI to build and configure networking infrastructure. By becoming proficient with Neutron, users can create load balancers and firewalls using network virtualization throughout their environment. OpenStack Docs: Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) Aug 16, 2019