Ventrilo is a proprietary VOIP program with clients for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X. Most users of Ventrilo use a headset and/or microphone and use the program to talk freely to each other, similar to a telephone conference call. Ventrilo is often used by multiplayer computer game

The Ventrilo client has built in support for special hardware devices such as keyboards and headphones that provide non-standard features that you would not normally find on similar products. The following links will direct you to Ventrilo specific help and features for the listed items. Ventrilo - Guides - Wowhead Ventrilo is one of the premiere internet Voice-over-IP communication tools in use by millions and is fairly painless to install and use. First, make sure that you download the Ventrilo Client and install it before you begin. Setup Setup a User Name Click the arrow to the right of User Name and the Setup User window will open. Click the New button. Ventrilo download | Apr 11, 2013 MMO-Mumble: Comparison Chart: Mumble vs. Ventrilo vs Ventrilo Skype ; Latency : Extremely low: communications happen in milliseconds, not seconds. High: even low-ping servers have a 1-2 second delay due to the Ventrilo protocol : High: Skype is optimized for casual chatter, not realtime-when-it-counts communications. Platform Support : Windows, Linux, and OS X

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Help Amazon is focused on the health and safety of our associates and based on regional regulations and social distancing requirements this has resulted in extended response times. We ask for your patience in this challenging time as our teams work to deliver this vital service to customers everywhere, especially to those, like the elderly, who Jul 08, 2009 · Here are some things to look at and verify in your Ventrilo client (on your PC): 1) It could be as simple as you having "Mute Microphone/Binds" checked on your Ventrilo client main window (at the Recording a Ventrilo conversation can be a constructive way to retain the progression of your guild or competitive team. You can record and playback a Ventrilo conversation by using the Ventrilo client software you use to connect to a server. The following flash tutorial will show you how to do this: