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I've tested the new beta plugin ( with firefox 4. When I use a computer with direct internet it works. But when I use one with a connection via webproxy, it don't works. It seems that the plugin don't uses the proxy settings in firefox 4. If I go back to firefox 3.6.15 it works fine. Here is the connection sequence using firefox 4: Proxy Toggle for Firefox with Socks5 authentication Dec 12, 2017 Proxy Switcher (WebExtension) :: Proxy Switcher is aimed to bring all the proxy related UI to a single panel for easy access. It supports multiple profiles and hence proxy switching is very simple. The UI is driven from Firefox's built-in proxy setting UI and basically, there is nothing new to learn. This version is based on my Proxy Switcher extension built for Firefox

It is possible to take advantage of the Firefox Profiles feature in order to run multiple independent instances of the browser, each connecting to a different proxy. The Profile Manager is not visible in the Firefox User Interface, running it will require typing commands into a …

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