Hi, I have VLAN X with MTU 9216 on Switch-A. I also have VLAN Y with MTU 9216 on Switch-B. But not their SVIs are MTU 9216.They are not communicating to each other on packet size of above 1500. This is because SVI VLAN X and SVI VLAN Y connect to each other through SVI VLAN Z (Point-to-point Layer

Jan 06, 2010 Check & Set MTU Size? - TechGenix Feb 07, 2011 How to configure MTU (maximum transmission unit) settings How To: Change the default maximum transmission unit (MTU) size settings for PPP connections or VPN connections For PPL connection, Microsoft versions like Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 use 1500 bytes MTU size and for VPN connection, it uses 1400 bytes.

On Windows XP, Vista and 7, Click on Start button and click on “Run“, type “cmd” and click “OK“. On Windows 8, right click at bottom left corner and select “ Command Prompt (Admin )”. 2 Type the below command and hit enter to check current MTU value .

Jan 27, 2017 How to set the MTU size under Windows 7 ? :: SG FAQ

Sep 29, 2015

Re: Change of MTU size from default to 1600 The checkpoint vpn client software should have modified the TCP/IP stack of the machine it was installed on and set the MTU for the PC to a lower value. The cisco VPN client does this. How To Find Correct MTU Values? | hide.me Nov 10, 2019 How can I change the MTU value in Windows registry Aug 14, 2012 VPN, Connection issues when connecting over IPv6