You may find two huge hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys files located at the root of your C drive after unchecking hide protected operating system files from folder options. Here we explain what the two system files are for and how to remove them to reclaim back your hard disk space.

System files is too large and eating hard disk space May 27, 2017 Work with large files in your Git repo - Azure Repos Important. Even small binaries can cause problems if updated often. One hundred changes to a 100KB binary file uses up as much storage as 10 changes to a 1MB binary, and due to the frequency of updates to the smaller binary will take slow down branching performance more often than the large binary. How to Split and Download a Large File with cURL Aug 13, 2015 Windows Tip: How To Search Large Files using File Explorer

Thank you for your answer. I already had view of hidden files enabled, and inside the folder there are 2 folders, each with some files with really long name and huge size.

Aug 13, 2015

Re: DWG to PDF creating huge files Hi Alfred, It is a layer full of blocks that contain 2 numbers each (to show soundings cartographically - for a nautical chart).

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