How to Change Your Primary PayPal Email Address. I f you have an old email address on your PayPal account – one that you don’t use anymore or one you rarely check -you may be causing yourself problems. If you purchase something online using PayPal and your email address on your PayPal account is incorrect, the seller won’t be able to send you confirmations or if you ordered non-tangible

Paypal and eBay account email addresses. When Buy - The Jun 25, 2015 How do I add, edit or remove an email address on my PayPal How do I change my email address? - PayPal Sep 19, 2013 · Do not change the present 'primary email' address with a new one at PayPal account - if you have listings that have bids or you expect payments. PayPal will not recognize the new 'primary email' address for payments. I myself had a little trouble with changing my email addresses. For PayPal, that means having an extra email address added, and confirmed, on your account. Here's everything you need to know about the process. Check out the products mentioned in this article: As Layla has already posted, click on the "+" symbol in the email address box to add a new email address. After the new email address is confirmed, click on the "pencil" icon to edit your newly confirmed email address. This will open a new page where you can click on the "make primary" box and then click on the blue "Change" button. If you wish

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Great question - you can change your email address on PayPal without losing all of that information and account history. Just add the new email address, confirm it, and make it your primary email address. If you want, you can delete the old email address at that point or even keep it around. You'll be able to log in with both addresses!

For that, go to that email and click on, Confirm My Email Address. 6. On the next page, provide the password of your PayPal account in the required field and click on Confirm Email Address. 7. After the email is confirmed, go back to the PayPal account and click on the Edit option in front of the email that you like to set as your primary email. 8.